I began this blog when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were all over the news with their divorce proceedings.  Originally, this blog was dedicated to coverage of that story, but soon morphed into mental health issues as I learned about narcissism and what narcissists do to their spouses, family members, etc.  Narcissists are manipulative gaslighters who will, yes, even  go as far as to lie about their partners “domestically abusing” them.

I am now taking a hard look at how narcissism and narcissistic abuse has affected my life and that of others around me. It’s a deadly situation, deadly.  Even if someone isn’t being physically abused…the affect of narcissistic abuse on one’s mental and emotional state, can lead to terrible apathy, depression, addiction to substances, or suicide.  That is only naming a few.

A lot of my blog posts so far have been about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.   However, narcissistic abuse is always the sole focus of what I have come to believe Amber Heard was doing.   There are two posts which focus solely on mental health and narcissistic abuse.   Overall, this entire blog will cover life situations, whether politics, pop culture or everyday living.  However, its main focus is on sharing experiences and observations of narcissistic abuse, and how we must protect ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly epidemic.

So again, welcome aboard! Away we go….