Amber Heard is Self-Destructing–She Just Can’t Get a Rise Out of Johnny Depp



Amber Heard is lying about the abuse allegations against estranged husband Johnny Depp.

There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  It seems like it’s becoming more and more painfully obvious, especially with the latest statements by Doug Stanhope, laughing off Amber’s lawsuit against him, and standing by his writing.  Then,  Johnny is quoted as saying he’s “too trusting” to a bartender at an after-party for the  Hollywood Vampires in Romania.  Things are leaking out, and it’s getting closer and closer to the source.  We don’t just have bodyguards, condo concierges, or ex-girlfriends/wives denying Amber’s claims.  Johnny’s daughter Lily Rose, whose statement SHOULD have held more water than it did, when she defended her father on Instagram–even THAT was blown off by the fever of feminists firing cannons at “victim-blamers.”  Lily Rose spent more time with  Johnny and Amber than Vanessa did, surely, being Johnny’s daughter.  I think that’s safe to say she saw enough of their relationship, as did her brother Jack, to know a thing or two.  Oh, and weren’t Lily and Amber going to “remain close” when the divorce news first came out?  Oops, someone forgot about that, it seems.

When I mention feminists, it’s for a good reason. There is entirely too much focus on the fact that  a WOMAN is being questioned about her abuse allegations.  After all, that, “makes it hard for more WOMEN to speak out about abuse.”  Never mind that more MEN get battered by women than people want to believe.  Oh, you say it can’t have happened?  What, the great “Captain Jack Sparrow” letting a woman beat him up?  Seriously?  Talk about a stretch!  But guess what, folks.  Johnny Depp isn’t Jack Sparrow.  That is a fictional character he plays.  The real Johnny Depp, whether we’ve met him or not? Is a human being, capable of being hurt as much as the rest of us.  And yes…love makes us do crazy things sometimes.  Like, stay in a relationship where you’re bruised and battered.  Men don’t raise their hands to women in Johnny’s world.  This would give any woman with a volatile temper the advantage over him–easily.

Just think about it.  After all, more people are speculating on just that, these days, especially after Doug Stanhope told the world Amber was emotionally abusing Johnny. More and more articles are leaking out about Amber Heard’s tendency toward violence, which only began with the domestic abuse charge on her in Washington with  Tasya Van Ree. Of course, Tasya went and refuted that, calling the cop “homophobic,” but said cop recently revealed herself to be an openly gay woman.  Sorry, Tasya!  Guess she went into hiding after that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Tasya speaking out for Amber was fear for her OWN safety.  Who really knows if she even has that much to do with Amber now anyway, despite claims that they’re “still great friends?”

Enough has been said by iO Tillet Wright calling me and other supporters of Johnny “the lynch mob.”  Poor iO is going to have to work very hard to overcome that tarnish on her reputation–once the truth comes out. And it will.

Think about it.  Think about every abuse case you heard about where the man is guilty.  Did any of them act like Johnny Depp is acting now?  Seriously?  O.J. sped off in a car for miles and miles while cameras stayed on him.   Other male celebrities who hit their wives or girlfriends(or killed them) for real, always acted defensive, then contrite and depressed. Johnny?  Oh, say what one will about him holing up at his room the first week after Amber said those things(on Lily-Rose’s birthday, mind you!).  He probably had to process and mourn the passing of his mother as well as just get his head around all of it.  He knew Amber would pull something like this, though. He was prepared.  Why else would he have denied her spousal support the first day?

Let me repeat that. Johnny Depp denied, through his lawyer Laura Wasser, spousal support for Amber Heard the day she filed for divorce.

If he were guilty, especially of the kind of terrifying things Amber said he did, just why would he deny her spousal support?  I said this in another blog as well.  But all Amber’s photos of her bruised face really don’t look real. Sorry, but anyone can put makeup on and snap a picture. An abused woman, one who is genuinely abused, would she really take a picture of herself after, um, nearly being suffocated with a pillow…only to STAY with the one who did that to her afterwards??

The dead rats smelled bad to me from go, and now they seem to be smelling worse to more and more people.

This isn’t stopping Amber and her pals from insisting, however. Now, the latest is that Johnny supposedly cheated on Amber, and when she confronted him about her suspicions, he of course freaked out and scared her again.  That’s just…hilarious.  However, Amber’s really going for the throat now, thanks to all the allegations of her constantly cheating, and the emphasis on the fact that she’s bisexual.  That of course is just bigotry, the constant carping on the bisexual thing.  Tabloids circulated with rumors that Johnny had a problem with Amber’s bisexuality, and “forced” her to alienate her “lesbian friends.” I call baloney on that whole thing. If  Johnny had a problem with any of Amber’s female friends, it was probably because flirtation was going on and perhaps infidelity. Anyone remember James Franco, though?  Johnny supposedly had a problem with him too, and assumed Amber cheated with him.  Last I checked, James Franco is not a woman.  Johnny is a known monogamist, and never made any bones about it. Open relationships and  Johnny Depp do not get along.  Simple as that.  Oh, and before anyone assumes, or thinks I’m saying all bisexuals are polygamous, check me out. Bisexual and monogamous to the core!  I am not alone in that either, by a long shot.

Infidelity happens in every relationship, regardless of sexual orientation. Still, it’s painfully obvious that Amber is getting desperate.  This isn’t about her bisexuality, it’s about her being mentally ill.  She’s a pathological liar and more than likely a psychopath, who is trying to cover her own butt, for something she did to  Johnny or worse, his kids, during their time together.

Forget the Johnny supporters. It’s Amber Heard who is making it hard for women to speak out about being abused by a man.  She’s also making it very hard for those of the LGTB community to get a break from homophobes who want to jump on the wagon to support a “straight man” in a relationship with a “flirty bisexual woman.”

Bottom line, whether Amber or Johnny cheated, or both? The relationship was doomed from the start. Toxicity just emitted from that pairing since day one.  Now?  It’s out in the open. No one knows the full truth.  However, it’s clearer to me than it ever was, that Johnny did NOT harm Amber Heard physically in any way, shape or form.

It’s clearly killing  Amber that Johnny isn’t worried at all,  that he hasn’t said a word, nor shown any fear or discomfort.  All he did was have a great time onstage with his band and at the after-parties.  Poor Amber couldn’t get a rise out of him, and her lawyers must have freaked as well. Let’s come out with worse stories then.  He tried to suffocate her to death!  Oh my!  Horrors!  People really freaked out then.  Let’s drop him from the Dior Campaign!  Alice: Through the Looking Glass flopped–just another of Johnny Depp’s many failures.  Why?  Because too many gullible people believed Amber, trying and convicting Johnny Depp on social media.  Before the man can even properly bury, let alone mourn his mother, and speak for himself, he was guilty as charged. That is why the movie flopped, and ironically, the story focused on an independent woman fighting for her own personal freedom. Feminists would have eaten that up if it weren’t for the fact that–gasp–a “wife beater” starred in the film!.

Boy did Amber time this perfectly!  She really wanted to bring Johnny down. How dare he not beg her to stay with him?  How dare he let her divorce him? How dare he break free of the power she had over him?  Amber did her part to hurt him all right. Problem is? She failed.  Johnny would have self-destructed on the first day of the allegations if he was guilty.  Poor Amber is now losing weight and stressed to the max. She knows her number is up.

Let the Truth be spoken when it will.  Meanwhile, the rest of us don’t mind playing detective.  Why shouldn’t we?  Enough lies are told about people we don’t know but feel a certain closeness with due to our admiration, crush, whatever you want to call it.. I am sure many Amber supporters wouldn’t kick her out of their bed for any reason. She is a beauty, at least on the outside.  She also talks a good game and is downright charming.  She reminds me of a guy I dated years ago, who ironically beat the tar out of me both physically and emotionally.

Sexes don’t matter people, any more than sexual orientation.  Abuse is abuse, no matter who it is–or how much money they have.

I look forward to Johnny’s tell-all interview, meanwhile.  We’ll see whose “detective work” reveals the true culprit..



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