Amber Heard Was”Kept Waiting” After Showing Up Late for Her Deposition??


Okay. The latest story in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Salaciously Sinister Divorce is as follows.   Amber Heard was ordered by a judge to attend a deposition where she was to be grilled by Johnny’s lawyers about her domestic violence allegations.   The deposition, which was to be conducted by Blair Berk, a new criminal lawyer Johnny hired for his team, was scheduled for this past Saturday, August 6th.  Amber was ordered to be there at 10:00 AM at Laura Wasser’s office, an order she confirmed she’d follow.

However?  Berk arrived at the office on Saturday, ready to go at 9:40 AM thereabouts.  Amber’s lawyer Samantha Spector arrived fifteen minutes late: 10:15.  When did Amber arrive? 11:30.

11:30.  An hour and a half late.  Not good protocol, wouldn’t you say?

The video TMZ posted in their article updating us that Amber DID finally show up when they thought it was going to be a no-show?  Has Amber with a smug smile on her face, disheveled and tucking her blouse into her pants, buttoning her sleeves as she’s led to the elevator that would lead her to Wasser’s office.  The night before, Friday, she was reported to be partying in London with Elon Musk, the co-founder of Paypal and Tesla cars.  Elon Musk is a well-known billionaire and the latest buzz is that Amber is now dating him.

Paparazzi swarmed around Amber in the video, asking questions about why she’s so late. Is she scared?   Does she feel intimidated? Oh, and what does she think of those people who don’t believe Johnny beat her?

Amber’s body language with that last question speaks volumes as she smirks and looks down. Oh yeah, she’s thinking, they hate me.  They may be onto me but who cares?  I’m gonna be rich!

Team Amber get in the elevator, after yelling at an unsuspecting blonde woman to “get out,” which she does, sheepishly. The elevator closes, and the video ends.

That was the last we saw of Amber before the latest statements by her publicist reported by TMZ.  As well as words to the effect that it was Johnny Depp’s lawyers that put her off for nine hours, literally kept her waiting there, while they themselves tried to hammer out an actual settlement.

In other words?  Johnny’s law team deliberately stalled Amber after she got there an hour and a half late.  Johnny’s team were “willing” to overlook the lateness, but they ended up keeping Amber waiting.  Finally, after STILL not coming to an agreement about the obviously more crucial settlement…the whole thing ended at 9pm with Amber not taking oath or testifying a single thing.

That, at least, is Amber’s side of the story. Here is my own interpretation.

Amber was told she blew it.  She was an hour and a half late for her deposition. She violated a court order.  Her lawyers panicked, and tried desperately to negotiate with Johnny’s lawyers who insist that Amber drop the charges or this will be taken to the judge as a violation.  Nothing was said about what actually happened, but I am willing to bet my next paycheck that that is the case. I am sure Amber shed plenty of crocodile tears about how sorry she was for being late, but she wanted–needed–to be deposed so she could tell her story.

We saw no pictures of Amber leaving the office when TMZ related her publicist’s statements shortly after their last article stating that Amber never deposed and the reasons were unknown.

Where  would Amber be now?  In jail for her violation of a court order by-chance?  At home cursing about having to drop the DV charges which she might well have done in the end to save her skin?  Or…would the whole thing have ended in stalemate because no one could get a hold of the judge, but he WOULD be notified of Amber’s violation and therefore SHE would be notified of his decision??

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Amber was denied her deposition on Saturday because she was late.  Not because Depp’s team were “willing” to depose her but just “had” to take nine hours discussing an overall settlement for the divorce.  No, it’s clear to me that Amber wouldn’t leave, but  fought to stay there with her lawyers who in turn demanded she be deposed.  However, Depp’s lawyers didn’t want to hear any excuses about why she was late. She violated the court order that she show up on time, and that was that.

So, either the judge has already dismissed Amber’s DV case outright and she was slapped with a court violation–or Amber finally let the charges drop by 9pm.

Not that her publicist wants you to know that–yet.  Time to try one more time to make Amber the victim of Johnny’s “incompetent” lawyers..Oh yes, there was this little gem as well.  Apparently, Amber WAS expected to show at 11am having notified Depp’s law team of her lateness…but was swarmed by paparazzi for half an hour.

If you look at that video you will see it did NOT take half an hour.  Amber was in the elevator with her lawyers and bodyguard by the time the approximately five-minute video ended.

The plot thickens as we wonder if we’ll hear what happened from Depp’s side of the story. But that is my intuition, and I am sticking to it.


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