Awww, What’d Ya Do, Amber??


“I was gonna depose but they kept me waiting–uh–I wasn’t gonna go in THERE, no way, no how!  Wait–what was the question again??”

Come on, Amber Heard, what is up with you?  Why are you playing with our heads like this?  Out with it, “Mrs. Depp.”  What is  truly going on in that head of yours?  What’s the REAL story behind your allegations that your estranged husband Johnny is a monster who assaulted you emotionally and physically,  and even tried to KILL you?

Got your little hand caught in the “cookie jar” Ambs?  Is THAT why you’re so desperate to bring Johnny Depp to ruin?

What’d ya do, Amber?  What’d ya do that you’re trying to cover up?

Why did you refuse to take your deposition last Saturday?  Any abuse victim/survivor who really wanted to expose the truth and get AWAY from their abuser, would have done it. You had protection, Amber, you weren’t flanked by paparazzi in that nice, safe building. You would have had the chance to tell them ALL about it, why’d you not do it?   You went through all the trouble of getting driven there(late) and you just flatly refused to go into the room?

Your publicist told us yesterday that you were “kept waiting” and later “denied” the ability to make your deposition because Depp’s lawyers just HAD to hammer out the settlement.  Never mind that their PURPOSE there was to hear your deposition. Did you REALLY expect us to believe they just got “caught up” in the oh-so-much-MORE important issue of a fincancial SETTLEMENT?

Come on, Heard.  The general public may have its share of idiots, but even THEY would frown at the idea of Depp’s law team putting the financial settlement above the WHOLE point of why YOU were there last Saturday.

Last night  I speculated on what could have really gone down.  Now, I have answers!

Instead of being “ready and willing,” but “kept waiting,” Amber, as Laura Wasser states in her documents, you DID refuse to go in and be deposed. You not only refused, but you had a complete meltdown, screaming, crying, laughing, shouting.  Okay you know what?  By the time this is all over, I’d be very surprised if the general public who follow yours and Johnny’s news didn’t end up on antidepressants.  Thanks, Amber!   Not!

All this tells me, however, is, there would be NO logical reason for you to keep fighting this losing battle of yours, complete with  a  new tall tale of “medical proof”  only hours after the TMZ exclusive with Laura Wasser’s documents of what really happened on August 6th.

Unless, you, Amber Heard, have something SERIOUS to hide. Something perhaps WORSE than domestic violence.  Something so horrible, no one even wants to think about it!

For the sake of everybody’s sanity, I won’t even speculate on it.

But it does make me wonder.

No abuse victim/sufvivor would behave as you have in the past three months Amber, let ALONE all through your relationship with Johnny Depp. No way.  No ABUSER would behave as Johnny Depp has, the most telling of evidence being his initial refusal of instant spousal support on the very first day the divorce papers were filed.

Something isn’t adding up, Amber. You really underestimated  Johnny  Depp. But he’s fighting back, he’s not going to crawl under the rug. You didn’t expect that, did you?  Guess it finally hit you last Saturday?   Bummer, Amber.

Awww, go on and have a good cry now(here’s a tissue), but you always knew your tears are in vain.  The “wicked” Wasser of the West has got you right where you need to be.

Johnny’s got all his ducks lined up in a row, too, Amber. You can’t get out of it with “new stories” no matter how many glycerin drops you use to make us believe you’re really crying.  Acting was never your best skill either,  although you certainly know how to pose for photographs!  Should’ve stuck to modeling, maybe?

Never mind.  They’ll get you, my pretty!  And your little dog(Pistol) too!  Boo and Pistol deserve to live a peaceful life together under Johnny’s roof.   With a man who REALLY respects and loves dogs.  Enough not to endanger them by taking them overseas without learning the laws.

Too bad, so sad.  Ode to Amber Heard…we hardly knew her.

JohnnyWavingInPAClosupCropSmallerBYE BYE, “SLIM!”

Amber-Heard-2012 There’s always porn–oh, hell.  Anyone need a waitress??


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I am a philosopher, energy reader, energy healer, musician, writer(fiction and nonfiction), singer, performer, actress, screenwriter,

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