Okay, Here’s The Deal

Johnny Truth
He has always guided me and still does! I walk with him through this Adventure of Life. Speak Your Truth!

Celebrity drama, particularly when we are drawn to a particular human wearing the “celebrity” label affects us.  It always will.  How can it not? Yes, a lot of us are accused of “not having lives” when we follow a particularly turbulent celebrity story and have a lot to say about it.  I never denied that I have a lot of shit in my life that I’ve avoided for years. However, speaking for myself as I can’t speak for others–I always set out to write not with gossip but with truth as I understand it.  I write to make some kind of impact–perhaps even a positive change.  This, in turn, helps ME with whatever still holds me back–and so I stop avoiding, and can move even more forward.

However, upon hearing or reading my strong words, there are those who still accuse me of gossiping and hating.  Too often, speaking one’s truth can be misconstrued as hate. There are some spiritual people who indulge in rose-colored-glass band-aids.  These people just HATE to read anything “negative” about someone else.  Anybody else!

Never mind that when they talk to me sometimes they use harsh words and “call me out on my shit,” as they say.  It’s okay for them to do it, but if I say anything “hateful” or “negative” about someone else–say, I don’t know, a woman who lies about being domestically abused, and insults those who were REALLY abused.  One who would accuse a man with so much light, of being a horrible monster who tried to kill her.  How dare I call her out!  I am obviously a petty gossiper and judgemental bitch like everyone else.  I am not making any difference in this world.

I certainly don’t WANT to be in a state of hatred.  But I don’t hate Amber Heard.  For awhile I was afraid of her.  But she’s more scared than I am and I only just realized that. She has something serious to hide like I said in the last post.  Johnny and his team, like I said, merely want to catch her at it and expose it.

When I see something going on in the world that is just so obviously wrong on many levels. I have to forge ahead and stand up to it.  I don’t have hate in me, that’s not my natural state when I look inside.  I have a protective nature, especially when it comes to people I care about.

I understand and applaud that Johnny Depp isn’t interested in media wars.  But I feel his anger like a wave fucking crashing into my living room.  That’s how it hits me.   Johnny is someone I connect with on a very real level.  In a way, he is part of me.  Part of all of us in various levels.   Johnny’s energy is given so freely and lovingly to everyone in the world because that’s who he is.  He is love.  He is pure, he’s honest.  He speaks his Truth.

I see every picture of him from the last five years as he was slowly crumbling under the weight of every damn thing that’s ever held him back. Up until now, that is.  And not all of it was about Amber!  No, it was everything  Johnny has ever avoided that came crashing into his face at last.  It hit him hard. It hit me hard too because not only do I love him so intensely it’s like a bomb exploding every other minute–we are literally feeling each other.  This is because we all, as a collective human race feel each others’very real experience as our own.  It’s a universal connection of Love and Unity.  That is, when we can get out of our own fucking way and just experience it without fear.

In a way, Amber did Johnny a favor by causing so much shit in his life, he has no choice but to become as focused as possible.  For  that, I can say I’m grateful to her.  The relationship alone made Johnny a shadow of his former self, however.  He didn’t need this domestic violence drama on top  of it.

But yes, this is making him stronger.  I really don’t need to worry about him too much. That does not mean my inner warrior won’t fight for him when I have to.  I would do anything to protect Johnny as I would protect anyone I see being hurt.  A man or a woman starving, a chld beaten on the street, an animal in danger. It’s my nature.

Sure…like every human,  I’m riddled with flaws and issues just like all of us.  I certainly know I have it pretty fucking good compared to some people on this planet–including  Johnny Depp.  So what if he’s rich and i’m scraping up the bottom of a fixed income every last day of the month. Fuck that.  He’s been accused of domestic violence, man!  He can’t just quietly walk away from this chapter of his life and start anew…he has to keep dealing with this shit until it’s all over.  When will it be over?  Who even knows.  But Johnny is not going to go around screaming and yelling.  He’s keeping to himself and vacationing with his family now where before he was playing music with the Hollywood Vampires. He’s not sitting on his ass, but he’s refusing to speak out because he would probably totally lash out and go to town on Amber.  A man in his position who has very similar protective instincts as I do–plus the same temper?  Is probably better off doing just that.  Letting his lawyers lead the way  to find the best way that will benefit him.  Him, and the people he loves the most.

I, on the other hand…I’m not the accused one.  So, what do I have to lose?  Johnny may need to protect himself lest he say anything that could “hurt” his case.  Those accused of violence and attempted murder on top of that?  If they get angry, there’s too much of a chance the accuser’s supporters let alone her lawyers, will jump all over that. “See?  You see how temperamental he is?  How verbally abusive he is?  PROOF!”

Heh. This  makes it tough for  Johnny but knowing he’s got so much support is always a boost.  Well, since he can’t call Amber out on her shit, I’LL do it for him!  It’s not my ass on the line, I am not going to have a permanent restraining order against me. I’ve never even met the bitch!  What’s she gonna do, sue me and everyone calling her out for “defamation of character,” just like she’s doing with Doug Stanhope? HAHAHHA!  She can try but she won’t get anything from me but a measly 600.00 check every month deposited into her account.  Far cry from the 1,000,000.00 a month she once reported she could get from Johnny if she wanted it.

How’s that Doug Stanhope lawsuit going anyway???  Haven’t heard about it since Doug called bullshit on it in an  interview with Howard Stern.  Did Amber ever get that house on the border of Mexico so she can turn it into a battered woman’s shelter?  Heh…good luck with that one, Ambs.

Bottom line, Heard is still stalling the divorce and transferring her actions onto Johnny by calling HIM a stonewaller.  Today she missed yet ANOTHER deposition–today–due to an “emergency.” To top THAT off, the woman who wants to make a statement about domestic violence actually wrote Laura Wasser a letter accusing Johnny of reneging on a settlement agreement.  Excuse me?  I thought all Amber wanted was to prove Johnny really hit her!  What happened to  make her so concerned about a SETTLEMENT agreement in the middle of all this??

Wasn’t it Amber who dropped her request for spousal support because she didn’t want the media latching onto that as an excuse to say she’s only after money?  Guess that got swept under the rug pretty fast.  Amber must be going broke with all the 2000.00 a week meals she keeps indulging in, and all  her other niceties that she just “has” to have.

Why the hell won’t the judge dismiss her case?  Because…well. It wouldn’t be “politically correct.”  So much for feminism being about freedom.  Dogmatic rule books strike again!  There’s no freedom in rule books, women.  You might as well go to millitary school or join a church if you want that.

So yeah, we’re all pissed off at what is obviously an injustice done to a very important Bright Light on this planet. We’re still pissed off after three months because it just…won’t…stop.  Don’t call us hero-worshippers or wannabe Depp girls or guys who ‘glam” onto his fame.  Fuck that.   It’s not about his looks or his amazing acting ability although that doesn’t hurt. It’s about his HEART, his loving words and his sweet, genuine kindness when meeting people for the first time who want to talk to him. He always has time.  He doesn’t even like the word “fan” because it’s degrading.   How epic is that, and who  WOULDN’T stand up for him, especially after reading and taking in all Heard’s “evidence?”   Not to  mention her constant waffling around with court dates.

She’s a  liar.  Plain and simple, and I’m not going to lie and apologize for it.

The media thrives on conflict, of course, and this is what gets me in trouble if I let it.  I go out of my way not to fight too long with IDIOTS on those Disquis comment sites who slam Johnny and “stand with Amber.”  I won’t waste my energy on fools.  “Never argue with an idiot.  In the end, no one will know the difference.”

We’re only human, at the end of the day.  Not superhuman.   Where is the second coming of Christ anyway?  I haven’t seen him yet–or her.  Sure, we may get down and dirty sometimes. But we rise above it.  We are still students of life.  But we’re teaching, even as we stumble.  By not giving up on the journey.  By not backing down on the Truth, just to keep the peace because once in awhile we’ll lose our tempers.

Sometimes Truth isn’t said with pretty words.  Sometimes it’s shouted over the mountain. Sometimes it’s just a look somebody gives you. Sometimes it’s even silence.

But always, Truth is spoken with Love. Not hate.  Anyone who has any kind of REAL Awareness never forgets that.


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I am a philosopher, energy reader, energy healer, musician, writer(fiction and nonfiction), singer, performer, actress, screenwriter,

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