I’ll Show You Justice, Amber Heard.


Amber  Heard and her lawyers leaked what probably serves as “The Big Video” Heard stated she had showing Johnny Depp abusing her.  This, of course, was stated in her original documents obtained by TMZ on May 27th, the day Amber publicly filed for and received a temporary restraining order against Johnny.

The video was released on TMZ Friday night, August 12th. The first thing we hear is loud swearing by Johnny, as a closeup of an Infinitum Nihil traveling mug is seen, which Amber then picks up as she asks “What happened?”

Note: Amber appears and confronts Johnny with this question.  It’s important to note this, because it will come up later as something important to remember.  If Amber were using a phone in her hand to record this, why do we SEE her?  There had to be a camera or something hidden in a wall or something.  Or…someone else behind Amber was filming the video.

Nevertheless, we see, as it appears to be, Johnny Depp captured on video, kicking things around and swearing. It’s plain to see he is very drunk as well as angry.  However, his back is to Amber, and he does not seem to know she’s there until she questions him.

It is also plain that Johnny is not inclined to discuss anything with his wife while he’s as angry as he is.  He would rather be left alone, by the looks of it.  This said?  Johnny may be angry at Amber for trying to force a conversation about a sensitive topic, but not once does he “hurl” anything in  her direction.  This is crystal clear, despite Amber’s attempt to  “show” in this video how horribly “abusive” Johnny was to her.

Let’s watch this now, and see what REALLY happens when Johnny Depp finally “loses it.”

Johnny Depp “Goes Off” on Amber Heard, throws temper tantrum

Of course, Amber now denies she sent the video out and wants to settle. I need Johnny and his team to fight her down, even if it’s private, and not merely settle. She broke a law.  Apparently in California you CAN not video someone without their consent.

The whole thing is just horseshit.

Yes.  Johnny Depp is clearly intoxicated and angry in this video. However, all he was doing was ranting in the kitchen by himself, slamming cabinets and throwing wine glasses onto the floor or against the wall. He was nowhere near Amber.

Amber asks,  “What happened?” Johnny ignores her and paces for a moment–as if he’s going to calm down shortly.   Then–Amber hits  him with a loaded statement.

“Nothing happened this morning, do you know that?”

That is very disturbing.  Very. It truly looks like the release of this video is supposed to make it “seem” like Amber was forced by Johnny in some way, to deny that he did something violent to her that morning.  As in, “maybe” he told her to say if anyone asked Amber anything?  She is to say nothing happened. Amber seems to be “practicing,” saying this as she “recited” the words, as if running by Johnny what she’d say to her friends–or whoever.  Note: We never see Amber’s face, although there are obviously no bruises on her arms or anywhere else that CAN be seen.

Amber ends her “speech”with, “You were so sweet and nice.  We weren’t even fighting this morning.  All I did was say, ‘sorry.'”

Sure, some might argue that this looks suspiciously like Amber may be right about Johnny abusing her.  A lot of victims talk about “saying sorry,” and things like that.  However, I must encourage that the article the video is in be read in full.  According  to Johnny’s law team, it was heavily edited.  Any edited video that is supposed to show “evidence,’ can not be addressed in court. Not to mention the law in California which states that no one is allowed to video-tape someone without their consent.

Johnny responds to Amber’s little speech  by angrily stating one thing.

“Did anything happen to YOU this morning?  I don’t think so!”

It’s very subtle but we can see that Johnny is aware that Amber has been trying to set him up.  The fact that she was video-taping this several months before the famous “May 21st” incident, plus everything else up to now?  It only stands to reason that Amber has been tormenting Johnny all along. He is fed up, angry and ranting while wondering what to do about it.  Of course, he was alone before Amber showed up with her questions while the hidden camera recorded everything.

So, let’s take stock here.   Why was Johnny opening cabinets and banging them shut?

My intuition? As I said before, Amber is drugging his drinks, and Johnny is suspicious.  After all, he clearly feels out of control, which makes him angrier. He does not want to be out of control. No one does when they’re angry.  The whole video shows that Johnny merely wants to be alone to express his anger and release it so that it goes away. Meanwhile?  While Amber still lurks behind him with her recording device, Johnny opens the cabinets, as if looking for whatever  drugs Amber might be doctoring his drinks with.  These could be any drinks, even coffee!

As for the wine?  Johnny might have been up for hours, maybe even all night.  Even if he did drink that whole bottle, he might never have felt as inebriated as we see him here. This is why he is now furiously opening and banging cabinets, finally taking out a wine glass.  He will show Amber further how drinking this wine affects him.  Drunk as one can become after a whole bottle of wine, keep in mind that Johnny has been drinking for a long time.  When I drank, and I used to drink very heavily, any time I drank a whole bottle of wine that size, I never got that drunk.   You know what that’s called, those of you who are sober alcoholics like I am–or anyone who knows anything about alcohol, especially wine, which  Johnny drinks a lot of.

What is it I’m referring to?  Tolerance.  It builds up over time, the more one drinks, especially one form of alcohol in particular, like wine.  Johnny may drink hard liquor once in awhile, but my guess is, like me, his favorite is red wine.  That is what most of us have seen him drink in public as it is.

One bottle of red wine for someone who has drunk it more often than any other alcohol?  I’m talking years here.  One bottle of wine would not make somebody THAT inebriated.  Just think about it.

Johnny pours himself a glass of the wine on the cabinet, the OPEN bottle.  Then, he makes this frightening, telling statement.

“You want crazy, I’ll show you fuckin’ crazy.”  As in, “I know you drugged this wine, and you’ll see how crazy it makes me.”

While he’s pouring the wine, Amber deliberately sets her coffee mug right in front of the bottle. Why is she doing that?  To hide whatever powder or bits of pills are in the bottle while  Johnny pours his drink??

The whole idea that he domestically abused Amber isn’t even remotely apparent.  Johnny could have hit her any time, especially after the “crazy” statement. Another important thing to note: he didn’t even call her names!  He didn’t even curse her out! That  “mother-fucker” thing was him ranting by himself until she turned up.  Emotional battery?  In Johnny’s words, “I don’t think so.”

Johnny is trying to set the record straight, and call Amber out on what she’s doing.

I highly recommend an old classic film with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, called “Gaslight.”  In this movie, Charles Boyer is an abusive husband who goes out of his way to drive Ingrid Bergman crazy by doing various terrible things and making her think that she did them.  Reverse the genders, and you have the Johnny and Amber story, full on.

Clearly, by Johnny’s question as to whether anything happened to Amber that morning was a sign that he knew something was going on. Even if he still was afraid to leave her.  He knew, at least that Amber had been gossiping to her friends for months(or a year or two) that Johnny hits her, assaults her and scares her with his “volatile temper.”

The abuse Johnny suffered was obviously  date rape, in a marriage. Remember how inebriated Johnny always appeared in public?  Slurring his words and stumbling around?  That of course made him a huge scapegoat in the media, while always, at every event  Johnny would bring Amber to, SHE was always praised for her beautiful dresses, her poise, and her savvy.

Now, we know that Amber WOULD do prison time for continual date rape throughout a four-year relationship.  To be honest, I am willing to bet Johnny can’t remember half of what happened during those four years. Hell, he may not even remember marrying Amber Heard! That’s scary, yep, but it makes me even more relieved that Johnny is away from her now. I really used to fear for HIS life…all through this relationship. Especially the marriage.

After Johnny left Amber, he was MUCH clearer in interviews and in public, MUCH more stable. He has some ways to go to heal I’m sure but let’s be totally real here. Whether Johnny has a temper or not or has abused cabinets, wine bottles, glasses, etc. there’s no doubt under normal circumstances when he’s relaxing at home, that he wouldn’t get that drunk.  Not from one bottle of wine.

Why did Johnny stay even while suspecting or fully knowing about Amber’s drug rape? That question of course, has an easy answer.  Johnny Depp was in the abused victim’s mentality that many people go into!  We need to remember, once and for all, that men DO get abused by women, in many ways..  I am sure Johnny, in that typical mentality, still loved Amber enough to believe her apologies.  Naturally, he would think she’d change, if he just showed more love and support to her.  Not to mention giving her anything she wanted.

Another trait of being abused, as many of us know, is self-loathing. Feeling like you can never get any better than the abuser. Sociopaths like Heard preach all that shit to their prey. Yes they do. And??? Look what happened when Johnny finally left her. Amber DEFLECTED all that shit back to him. Johnny Depp…even if Amber didn’t “physically” abuse him WAS abused by Amber Heard mentally and emotionally. Emotional Battery, even without the date rape,  IS now considered part of domestic violence, by law.

Amber is still abusing Johnny by, again, “gaslighting” him. Just like Charles Boyer’s character in the movie, did to his wife.

Of course we all know Johnny’s tendency for throwing and breaking inanimate objects–an easy factor for Amber to use to frame him.  Now ask yourselves this.  Did any of those poor, broken THINGS, i.e. those kitchen cabinets, ever file assault or murder charges against Johnny Depp?? Maybe they did and Amber is “channeling” their “spirits.”   I suppose we “know now” that domestic abuse amounts to banging around yelling swear words by oneself until someone comes and nags at you while secretly shooting a video.

Concluding our film review here,  after Johnny pours his glass of wine while muttering about showing Amber how crazy he is, he discovers that Amber is videotaping him.  It’s crystal clear by Johnny’s reaction that she’s filmed their arguments before.  Johnny says to her in a scared voice, at first, “Oh you got this, now?  Is this thing going?” meaning her video taping.

What does Amber say?, “No I just started it.”  More evidence of her lying, on top of all else.  And, unfortunately, Johnny takes the bait.

“Oh, really?” he cries angrily. “REALLY?”

However, what we hear next as the video moves away from both of them?  Is a scufffle.  As stated above, Amber was NOT holding the recording device.  Obviously?  Johnny went for the hidden camera, dismantled it and threw it to the floor or the wall.  Sure, it may “sound” to some like he’s attacking Amber, but wouldn’t she have cried out and yelled at him, or screamed?  And why, if she were REALLY a victim of abuse, would she go to the trouble of making a videotape, only to STAY with Johnny for the next few months??

Even for one with the abusee’s mentality, that just doesn’t make any sense. If you’re aware and brave enough to make a video of someone you’re so “afraid” of, you’re capable of packing it in, taking the video to the police, and dealing with it all then.

Bottom line, like I said, this video doesn’t prove a thing. Except the fact that  Amber has been setting Johnny up with videos like this for the last four years.  She probably remained married to  Johnny for as long as she did, hoping to file those charges if he didn’t give her half his fortune, up front.  It’s clear evidence that she, among other things, truly only married Johnny for money.

So far even the media–at least a good bit of it, seem to be questioning the validity of the video. Which is promising, so far.

However, Amber supporters are all fired up again. They’ve even gone as low as to attack Lily Rose on her Instagram page for defending their father.

How DARE they!  Calling out an “abusive husband” by verbally assaulting his young teenaged daughter?  Oh, the hypocrisy!

Looking back, what DID that video actually show us about Johnny’s temperament? Not much.  He gets pissed off by himself and slams things around, throws wine glasses NOT at Heard but at other things like the wall or perhaps the floor. Like I said before, he didn’t even call her a name. Even when he discovered she was filming. He said, “Oh really? REALLY?” He may have been seriously angry, but I did not hear ANY verbal abuse directed at Heard–merely answers to her needling questions, and calling her out for obviously trying to set him up like “something happened” to Amber that morning, that Johnny supposedly was responsible for.

Again, Johnny’s law team have already told the press that the video was heavily edited, and the parts taken out were of Amber laughing, smiling and “egging Johnny on.”

Egging him on, eh?  Welcome to yet ANOTHER interesting twist in this tall tale.  When you watch the video, and Johnny points his finger and pours the wine?  Where, praytell, is the crow tattoo on his right hand?  Where is the “Slim” tattoo tattooed in letters over his knuckles?  Wow!  Look Ma!  They’re GONE!

This said…WAS that really Johnny Depp in that video?  Or, was it an impersonator she paid to mimic Johnny’s voice and carry on?  Her “egging him on,” sounds like she was encouraging the actor starring as Johnny to be more of this or that. Serving as director to her own video!  Clever, Amber.

Even if it was Johnny Depp, however, when someone is ranting and in a foul mood…why would someone try to press an issue when they should just leave them alone?

So, at this point, no more niceties or “high roads.”  I want to see Wasser and her team to put out the unedited video with the deleted parts.

At this point, fight fire with fucking fire.

Samantha Spector and her team should be disbarred, seriously, for letting things get this far so as to support something like that.  Amber breaking the law, filming a video of someone without them knowing, and trying to use it as “evidence.”

She needs to be incarcerated and 302’ed. Classic sociopath and deflector. She needs heavy medication and perhaps a padded room.  Or prison time.

I hope the judge dismisses all her charges outright, and sentences her with that.  It would be clear justice, and something that will enable us to trust the law more than we do now.  That judge could be a hero.  Will he be, though?  Or will he waffle the other way, all in the name of militant, dogmatic “political correctness?”

All going well, the judge will make the right choice, serving justice to the TRUE perpetrator this time.  Not condemn an innocent man the way the West Memphis Three were condemned and later released…after they pled guilty.  .

I hope I live to see a powerful change in the law as well as the world in general…a change that I will treasure to my dying day.


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