That is NOT a Real Finger.



Amber–stop.  JUST stop.

Samantha Spector, Joseph Koenig, WHAT the hell are you guys doing?  Do you REALLY expect people to get anything positive out of this salacious lie you’re both delivering?  It’s one thing to champion women who have suffered violence but don’t you understand this is NOT the way to do it?  By encouraging a LIAR?  Do you two even KNOW Amber’s lying and if you don’t know by now, WHO put ecstasy in your drinks?

This whole thing is a Witch  Hunt on Johnny Depp. First we get a video that MAY not even BE Johnny Depp swearing at Amber…THEN this horrible gruesome “finger” photo.  THAT IS NOT A REAL FINGER!  Don’t you think blood would be GUSHING if that were real?  If you see a bloody finger like that, the person is not alive.  S/He’s DEAD.  It’s obviously a fake finger, a movie prop Amber stole from somewhere, or borrowed.

WHY don’t you get your head out of the ether, Spector?

Please.  For the love of all the REAL abuse victims, STOP THIS GAME!  You will be incriminating an innocent man who ALWAYS stood up for women who were abused in relationships.  Dear GOD, woman, you would mark a man with a violence record who always gave his heart to the women he loved, put his SOUL into those relationships.  That man was ABUSED, Spector, and you are so blind, you don’t even want to believe it!

Or maybe you DO know the truth and think you have to put on this show to give women a boost regarding domestic violence?

Why not represent a woman who is telling the TRUTH then?

Why?  WHY are you people persevering with this?  I thought Amber wanted to settle!  Why did you folks maintain that she was INJURED despite what other people OBVIOUSLY saw?  You CAN account for what they saw,  Amber, you know you can!  Stop pretending!  This is NOT going to earn you any rave reviews for your “role” in changing the world for the better.  It CERTAINLY won’t earn you an Academy Award.

Give it up, Amber.  Give it up, Spector.  Drop the charges and LET the poor man get on with his life.

Do the right thing for once.  THAT is positive change.

This just in–Settlement Stalemate, and GUESS WHY?

Thank you, Johnny, for refusing to sign that agreement that you “supposedly” committed domestic violence.  I see Amber hired a new lawyer. Pierce O’ Donnell, eh?  Hey Pierce, did Heard get you to take ecstasy too or just drug your drink with it while you weren’t looking?  Hey, what happened to Spector and Co.?  Did they finally figure Amber out and drop the case?  If so, good on them!  Maybe I underestimated you, Spector. Maybe not–but neither you nor your partners are mentioned in the article.

Guess we’ll find out…

Wait, whoa, HOW much money did they agree on for Amber? 8 MILLION? And she wants MORE?

Okay.  Gold Digger Alert!  This has got to stop. NOW!

Stay strong, Johnny Depp.  Stay strong!  i know you want this over with.  I know you do. I also know you want the TRUTH to be known.  You are NOT gonna go down like the West Memphis Three, pleading guilty just to get out of hell.  I know you will NOT “admit” to something you did not do. Stay Strong!  I’m pulling for you, Johnny.

Anybody wanna REALLY bring this to an end. Here’s a novel idea that only ONE of you can do.



HELP ME! Please…Help Me…



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