Settlement: Best I Can Say is, it’s Finally Over!


I Used To Love Her–But It’s All Over Now!

This just in from  Odd that TMZ didn’t report it first.   From what it states, it’s clear that Johnny must have been close to a serious emotional breakdown.  All things considered, the  still viral “finger” incident must have been the last straw for him and his family.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Agree to Joint Statement/Settlement of 7M

Apparently the statement claims the relationship was “passionate and sometimes volatile, but always bound by love.  Neither party has lied or made allegations for financial gain.  There was no intention to cause physical or emotional harm.”

And so on about Amber wishing Johnny the best in the future.

Johnny definitely wanted this divorce over and done with.   However…did he compromise his integrity by agreeing that neither party lied?  Or…was he merely saying neither party lied for financial gain?

In this case, was Amber merely retaliating against him for various and sundry fights they had that were, I’m sure volatile but contained no physical violence?

Whatever the case may be, there will be no permanent restraining order against Johnny Depp. He is free to go on with his life and Amber will go on doing whatever she does.

She is apparently going to donate part of the $7,000,000.00 settlement that Depp agreed to pay her for spousal support, to a charity.  It was not listed as to what charity it will be.

However, in the documents, it also states that nothing more will be said about this relationship or its nature.

I suppose that sounds fair but part of me wonders how the general public will treat Johnny Depp now.  Considering all the horror we were treated to in the past few days.  Seeing Johnny as angry as he was in that video–if indeed that was Johnny in the first place, must have a lot of people spooked. As for that finger, if it truly WAS Johnny’s finger, that has seemed to be the last straw for the public too.

All of it certainly took an emotional toll on me.  I have never been as intensely affected by a celebrity story as I was this one.  Then again, the strong connection I feel with Johnny Depp, despite the fact that I never met him face to face, was a large factor in this.  I have been told I have great intuition on things.  I really felt I needed to fight for Johnny in this case.  Yes, I always knew he had a volatile temper but I still hold true to my feeling that he would never, and has never, physically harmed a woman in any relationship.

Perhaps Johnny will take time off from the limelight, and relax with his family, get his head in gear.  I hope so.  I hope he does more music, rather than movies.  Unless he really wants to get back into “the process” as he calls it, of creating a character again.  Johnny does really love that part about his acting career.  It has, he’s stated in the recent past, helped him get the “circus in his mind,” more focused.  It’s also fun, and that’s the most important thing, even  if the red carpet appearances are not his favorite part of the end result.

In any case, I certainly hope Johnny waits on love before starting a new relationship–or rekindling an old one. There are rumors of his family “urging” him to get back with Vanessa Paradis, but my feeling is, that’s a bad idea.  What if the relationship should sour again after reconciliation?  Lily Rose and Jack would only have to go through that change yet again.  The toll on Johnny and Vanessa themselves would not be pretty to imagine either.

Not after all Johnny went through with Amber Heard.

He is reported to have a “best friend” relationship with Vanessa, which is great, considering they are parents and obviously must be a part of each other’s lives for that reason.  If they can get along while co-parenting, so much the better.  It seems to me like a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The important thing is, that Johnny continue to take care of himself and that this experience has made him stronger and more focused.  I believe it has.

As for Amber…I am grateful that she dropped the domestic violence case and will not fight for a permanent restraining order.  That would indeed hurt Depp in the future, maybe not so much his credit, but his professional reputation with future directors, etc.  It could also affect his family life.

I suppose Pierce O’Donnell advised her to drop the case lest it hurt HER career.

To Johnny, I say, bravo for not self-destructing completely and getting free from that marriage.  Even if it was “bound by love,” it was obviously not good for either him or Amber.  It does seem like all Johnny went through with this marriage was a wake-up call for him to look at rather serious issues in his life, and rid himself of what doesn’t benefit him.  I am sure the same applies to Amber Heard, in whatever direction her life goes from here.

Bright Blessings and Love to Johnny and his family, as they all put this chapter behind them.

Finally–Betty  Sue, I know you’re relieved that your son will be all right now.  Rest in peace, lovely lady!

Namaste to all.  Take a deep breath and let it out.  It’s over!


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