The only way I feel we can make a difference in the world is allow people to be where they are emotionally, even if those emotions aren’t “positive.”  In fact, I don’t think the words “positive” and “negative” belong in any causes for the “Light.”  Telling somebody not to be “negative,” promotes conflict and mistrust.  What in the world are you doing calling yourself a healer–if you can’t take someone’s pain shared with you?  I hear entirely too many “healers” bitch and complain about complainers.  Talk about an oxymoron!  Everyone who is told not to “complain” has to simply shut up while the “healer” continues his or her whine about others “whining.”  Makes me want to just stuff a hunk of cheese into their mouths and continue with my “whine” somewhere else.

Real Healing is not about tiptoeing on eggshells with people. Not even a well-renowned spiritual healer/teacher.

I am a Light Warrior and Healer who faces down obstacles of darkness, protects the innocents the best way  I can, and I work with energy to heal others.  This is all for the purpose of psychic, global, and healthy CHANGE in this world that I am part of.  I am not satisfied just apathetically leaving things as they are and ignoring it.  I want a better world. What we have now has too much shit not to want to help clean it up.  As we face a new election year AND many other extraordinary events in 2016, there is a Shift going on now.  Many of us are realizing that we are simply not going to make it very much longer going the way we’ve been going for too long.  If people keep the same old bullshit up while preaching healing and light…they are going to alienate other people who DEFINITELY want the light but who need to also fucking be REAL with the fact that it HURTS us to see the world so down!  Don’t tell us to “get over it.”  Don’t tell us it’s “old news,” and DO not tell us it “does no good” to cry over what we can’t control.  Forget that, if I can’t cry,  I can’t feel and can’t SEE what is wrong with the world and I don’t know what needs to be changed.  Let me tell you something. Some people will alienate people who acknowledge that dark forces exist.  Let me explain something to you!  Acknowledging dark forces doesn’t give them power over you.  It does the opposite!  People get sucked into dark thinking and they end up pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone who INSISTS they are just doing a “divine purpose” and to “send them love, love, love!”  You can’t send love to a dark force, it will eat it up AND turn around and hit you with a punch you don’t see coming.  See the man or woman who seems to have finally figured out the truth in themselves?  That maybe their behavior was hurting others so they went and did something to change it?  Well.  That same person can preach a good game but then?  Look out!  You trust them, start to believe in them, celebrate them for coming around to their personal integrity.  You believe that now they will REALLY know how to respect other humans and their lives because they now respect THEMSELVES.

Then–BANG!  They shoot you in the head from behind.  In the same cowardly way they’ve always done everything else.

I am not saying people in a dark place cannot change…they CAN.  We need to allow for the possibility.  We can send prayers of encouragement, but nothing phony.  Call them out but tell them if they  WANT it, they can improve their minds and be HONEST about what they themselves need to heal from.  These are people who blame others for their problems and go out of their way to get useless “revenge” by hitting their blamed “perpetrators” who may not even have done anything to them!  However, these lost souls will beat at them and flame them until they can barely stand up, figuratively speaking.

This is NOT growth, people.  The old adage must always be acknowledged.  You simply CANNOT save a person who does not want to be saved!

At those times, we have no choice but to walk away, but in doing that we must realize that maybe all hope for them ISN’T gone!  Sometimes, it takes everyone walking away from them to really make them THINK.  Many is the time when, all alone with no more friends beside him/her to support their lies, a person will finally turn within, to a Divine force or at least to something that is Greater than themselves–a power within that they never knew they had.  When they can do that?  THEN they are truly CAPABLE of getting in touch with their truth.

This is wonderful.  I believe it can happen and a lot of people want it.  I believe we CAN heal ourselves and each other but we have to WANT it enough.

We also have to be able to discern who really wants to change their destructive patterns and who doesn’t.  Sometimes people will “pretend” to want to change, but down inside they are laughing as they rob you of your energy.  We’re talking people who are conscious of their ability to hurt people, and worse?  They REVEL in it.  It gets them high, like a mind-altering substance.  I wrote about Narcissistic Personality Disorder in my musings on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce.    However, you don’t necessarily have to be a narcissist to have that nasty DESIRE to hurt, maim and ultimately destroy a person mentally or even physically.

Psychology Today’s website has an amazing article on  master manipulators, or Machiavellians. We all have the ability to manipulate and deceive but while many of us are aware and try not to do it to harm others…just bring to light a truth that could save a life for example?  Others revel in using their manipulative abilities to really bring people down–or a nation, or a whole world down!  It can be anyone from your next-door neighbor to O.J. Simpson, or at worst, Hitler.

What Makes Someone a Master Manipulator?  By Dale Hartley, Ph.D., MBA

As the article states, there are ways a person can get treatment to stop their manipulative patterns, but again, they really have to want it.  It is also very hard to treat a High Mach manipulator. If they absolutely have no desire or intentions to change, there is nothing we can do for them.  All we can do is protect ourselves by not allowing them to harm us or our loved ones in any way.  We have to keep them out of our lives at all cost. No contact, whatsoever,   If the High Mach by-chance resorts to stalking us and/or our families, a restraining order must be placed upon them.  At best, this will keep us free of them.  In the worst case scenario, say if these people are completely out of control and destructive to the extreme?  They will probably need to be committed to a psychiatric ward if not prison, for an extended period of time, perhaps life!

We have to face facts that not everybody might make it to the other side of the rainbow with us, people.  Rather, they will persist in endless physical, mental, emotional–and overall, psychic attacks.

Anyone who laughs at spirituality and psychic change needs to look at reality.  Not all verbiage means something is a different “animal” than logic or reason.  Psychology and psychic are more similar than one might think.  After all, both contain the word “psych” in them.  The word “psyche” derived from Greece of course, means human life, soul, breath, mind and spirit.  We all have different aspects of our minds, that which can do mundane tasks like clean a house, and more elevated tasks like read a piece of highly thought-provoking literature or non-fiction.  Or, simply to meditate, study our minds, our spirits, our energy.  We are all made of energy.  Matter, or our physical bodies, are just energy that has weight and takes up space.

To learn how to discern a High Mach, it helps to look at one of the most obvious and monstrous of them all: Adolph Hitler.  When he first came onto the scene and garnered power, Germany was on its last legs, the economy having left the country almost in complete disaster.  Hitler masterfully crafted every word to get these broken people to trust him implicitly, and not question him for a second. This is a real red flag here for those of us trying to protect ourselves from High Machs, even those not nearly as soul-less as Hitler was.  When we meet someone who is so wily with their words and so intriguing–we just hang onto everything we say as if they can never do wrong?  Chances are, they are a High Mach manipulator.   As we know, it took years to figure out Hitler’s twisted agenda, even after the Second World War ended up defeating him.  Once the horrific reality of the Holocaust hit everyone between the eyes, the massive amount of devastation was a terrifying rude awakening. As for Hitler, did he have any kind of conscience kick in by the time he went to take his life–anything that could even slightly resemble remorse?

No.  This article about Eva Braun’s decision to die by her husband’s side has Hitler’s last will and testament printed in it, stating his plans for suicide, and why he would be doing it.  Just a warning,  it’s very difficult to read, but it will help us understand how truly inhuman High Machs, narcissists and sociopaths are.  Sad as that word “inhuman” may sound to a spiritualist who believes EVERYONE  has hope for redemption?

They need to read this.

Hitler is an extreme example, and obviously one we NEVER want to see again.  We have no choice but to PAY ATTENTION and start discerning truth from lies, and use as much of our mental intellect, our psyche and our experiences in life, to pick up on every red flag that rears its ugly head.

Watch a person you meet, and take in their words, watch their eyes, and if they are absolutely captivating to you, step back in your mind and detach as quickly as you can. Watch them from an impartial mindset.  Are they REALLY as passionate about what they’re talking about, or is their passion fueled by a desire to impress you by building you up and placing you on a pedestal for whatever it is you do that “inspires” them?  Careful, those who deal with low self-esteem and are fighting the pattern of needing compliments by humans to feel worthy!  I am one of those people fighting that pattern as I, unfortunately, even in adulthood, allowed my self-esteem to be crushed to the point of no return.  This has happened too  many times, and the result was disastrous.  Many is the time even recently, when I cleaved to too many so-called “friends” who praised me gregariously.  Not only did they praise me, they supported me in every problem I went through that I freely shared with them, feeling it safe to do so.  All of a sudden, however, with no warning, they would lose interest and abruptly cut me off. At worst, they not only cut me off, they turn on me and slam me as one of the worst villains in the world.  This is called deflection–deflecting back at another what you are doing yourself. High Machs are MASTERS at this.

Above all, we have to be sound of mind within ourselves to really protect ourselves from that which will harm us.  It’s not only people who harm us, we harm ourselves, self-destructive behavior often resulting in substance abuse and other issues.  We have to not only heal ourselves but be consistent at maintaining our good health, in all ways.


Allow yourselves the right to get angry, please.  Don’t be afraid.  So a person cringes when you show anger, say by throwing dishware, furniture and swearing loudly. Ask anyone uncomfortable to leave your house if they are at your home, or if they live with you, go into another room and have your rant without worrying about what others think.   Anger can serve us well..it keeps us fighting!  We focus it in a way that benefits us to stay aware, and help others BECOME aware.  We NEVER use anger to kill people or stoop down to a level of darkness.  More war will NOT do anything but keep things going around in circles.

There’s a great song by renowned rock band Metallica, called “St. Anger.”  It’s got an amazing message about learning to use anger in a healthy way–while stressing how destructive it can become when suppressed either by others or ourselves.

“St. Anger”  by Metallica, with Lyrics

The pain of the world is not just anger-provoking, either.  It is downright devastating and it hurts our hearts.  Tears often come at times like this, and I say God Bless the man or woman that cries.  I am a believer in crying, and highly encourage those who are hurting to just cry.  Cry for the ones you could not help, cry for those parts of the world that continue to suffer.  Do not be ashamed to cry for YOURSELVES too, for the energy you put into trying to help one who too often rejected your help.  You feel helpless, you cannot do it alone!  You feel so lost sometimes, just sad, like a doctor feels grief for not being able to save a patient from a mortal gun wound or something else.  Your energy is drained at this time, and this said?  YOU need to heal now.  Part of healing  is getting fully honest and unafraid of how we express our emotions. A good honest cry is one of the best ways to release the helplessness, and give you strength once again.

Let a person cry.  Don’t interrupt them.  NEVER say it does no good to cry.   It does!  Crying is a healthy release of stress and toxicity within a person. You try to stop a person crying, and worse, assume they are WEAK because of it–you need to learn to let your OWN tears fall and stop shaming tears.  Stop shaming emotions.  We HAVE to learn to USE our emotions for change. NOT “control” our emotions to fit a social “norm.”  Everyone needs to stop being squeamish and just accept that we all have feelings and if they are not allowed to come out of us?  They WILL result in destructive behavior.  We don’t want that.

Crying should be a part of everyone’s schedule.  We need to make time for a good cry as often as possible, either once a day or three times a week.  Sit down and just let yourself cry that pain out of you, whatever it may be.  Have handy a large box of Kleenex or a few handkerchiefs,  and just enjoy the process of deep, shameless sobbing.  Watch a great, sad old movie if that helps, or listen to a tear-jerking piece of music.    As you weep, CELEBRATE the tears, rejoice in the cleansing salt water flowing from your eyes. Your eyes will see so much clearer for it!

Anger too, we must make time for as much as crying.  Allow yourself the right to get angry once a day or more, depending on your time and how deep your anger is.  Think about something that really pisses you off.  Be sure you have made yourself an “Anger Room.”  Take one room in your home and fill it with junky old furniture and cheap porcelain cups, plates and other horrible things you hate…that will break. THROW these things against the wall.  As you’re throwing things, kicking things, swearing, shouting, think of the person(s) or things that you want to slam, hurt and make PAY for the way they made you feel.

TRASH that Sucker!  They’re just things!  They cannot file any assault charges let ALONE feel pain, so go ahead and destroy them!  Get it out!  You will feel amazingly free, and remember–it’s OKAY to get angry.

Letting out this pent-up anger will feel better and usually will end up in tears or laughter. This video on YouTube is priceless!

Two Women Find Therapy Trashing A Room

Almost always, after the storm, there is laughter.  That of course is an excellent healer  Let yourself LAUGH and for god’s sake DANCE to a great piece of music and don’t even think about whether your dance skills are “good” enough. If you’re off the rhythm, fuck it, do it anyway. Dance, and laugh. Sing along to a great song.  LAUGH.  Get ALL your yayas out.  You will feel so much better.

Make funny faces at each other while laughing.  Be downright silly!  Enjoy the child within that laughs and laughs…right from the belly.

Maybe you’ll want to take a nap after so much release.  Do it!  Allow your body to rest and recharge.  It’s natural. It’s the BEST way to heal. ALLOW.  Don’t listen to another person’s schedule. If you are at work for forty hours a week, fine  Give yourself an hour or two every day to experience whatever you need.  You don’t have to get angry, cry, laugh and dance all in one day…work your way up.  Spend an hour just sobbing one day, the next day getting pissed and throwing things in your Anger room. The next day, LAUGH while watching a great comedy movie or comedy skit.  The next day, DANCE.  Remember that song, “I hope you dance?”  DO it.  You can. You need no particular order for however you need to express yourself.  YOU know what you need, at any given moment.  Do it–and enjoy all of it!  It’s good for you!

Finally, if you are creative–create something!  Paint a picture, create a sculpture from clay, play a guitar, a piano, some drums and  SING!  Sing your heart out. Write a song  Write a BLOG. Write a story, a novel!  You will be SO cleared up after expressing and letting out ALL that has been blocking you.


If you have friends who can witness your releases of tears and anger, as well as fears and insecurities, they are blessed gifts. I encourage all of you to do this for yourselves. It will get easier, even wonderful to witness another releasing the pain.  You are HELPING them and in turn you release yourself even more!

Then, you can all dance together.  Sing together.  LAUGH together.  Form a band and play music together. Paint together. Write, and share what you wrote with each other.

Love and beauty is what we all need to share with each other but first we must allow it to be infused into our own souls. Then…our gifts are boundless!

Bless you all.  The  Healing Train has arrived. All aboard! 🙂


Everybody Dance, Now!



Author: katedruana

I am a philosopher, energy reader, energy healer, musician, writer(fiction and nonfiction), singer, performer, actress, screenwriter,

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