I Still Don’t Believe Her. Save Your “Facepalms,” Ambelievers! I Also Know She’s Not A Gold Digger.



SEE?  I Wasn’t After Johnny’s Money After All!  That Proves I Was Telling the Truth…Right?  Ah…Right…?

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t about money for Amber Heard after all.  It was, after all, stated in the joint document between herself and Johnny Depp that “nobody has lied or made false allegations for financial gain.”  So okay, Amber donates her  entire 7 million dollar settlement to charity, and makes sure she lets the public know that “as stated in the document, it was never about  money for me.”

Okay, fine, she’s not a gold digger after all.  Brilliant. Wonderful.  Fabulous.  This proves her right in the Court of Public Opinion after all!  Wow!  Thud!  Damn do  I feel stupid!  Or do I?

Not really, folks.  Sorry!  She’s not going to convince  me THAT easily.

I don’t care if you newly reawakened Ambelievers don’t want to hear it, either. Heard may have “proven” that she’s not a gold-digger, but that does NOT make it gospel truth that she wasn’t lying.

I have talked in depth about signs in Amber that I’ve read about in Psychology Today and other magazines of that nature.  I have repeatedly disclaimed that  I’m no doctor “fit” to diagnose Amber Heard, even though I know, firsthand, a thing or two about mental illness.

You can say what you want, but that woman  has all the signs of a true blue narcissist, and sociopath. Nothing she does is for anything but to make herself look good.  Look at what she said when she donated that money!  She HAD to let us all know she wasn’t a gold digger, plus that little bit about the 7 million being more money than she’d ever donated to charity before.

Let’s all bow down to Amber.  Where’s her crown made of thorns?  Folks, are you REALLY that gullible?  Do you STILL believe Johnny paid off the LAPD to lie and say there was no evidence of a crime?  AND the concierges at the condo too??

Really.  Wow.  I guess people who stood up for Johnny really WERE being prejudiced because of our “hero worship?”

Not remotely.  Not unless the Pope is actually a Muslim pretending to be Catholic. Or maybe Obama is a full-blooded Caucasian who painted himself to look like an African American just to get more votes.  Maybe the Earth really IS flat after all.  Maybe dogs never existed, but are actually corporeal hallucinations.

And maybe Barnaby Joyce really WAS inbred with a tomato.

Okay, enough with the jokes.  Look closely, if you dare, at Amber’s behavior throughout their relationship, “Overhaulin'” being one of the most revealing displays.  Did anyone notice how she began punching Johnny’s arm and chest, several times when she realized he’d pulled that wild prank on her about her car?  She may have been laughing, but those were some pretty hard punches, guys.

Her father, David Heard, was also revealed to be rather a violent son-of-a-gun, after the police called Amber who still had no idea she was on “Overhaulin'” and told her her father had had an altercation with the guy who apparently “stole” Amber’s car(part of the prank of course.)    Amber was told her father punched the guy, and hard, before he managed to get away with Amber’s precious 1967 Mustang.

Amber’s exact words about her father punching the guy in particular?

“That doesn’t surprise me.”

I still don’t know where David Heard is right now–let alone Paige and Whitney, Amber’s mother and sister.  Are they ever going to speak out about their experience watching their “poor daughter and sister” in the media, scrutinized and “hated on,” by people like me who, despite all the evidence, still continued to point out there JUST wasn’t any real proof that Johnny physically assaulted her?  Also, I still wonder why David Heard didn’t publicly brag about beating the tar out of  Johnny–or at least had it reported some other way if he didn’t feel like dealing with the media.  Wouldn’t he want the world to know how he “protected” his daughter?  I would, if I were him!

That is, if the abuse actually happened.  But I’ve said all this before.  Let’s talk about verbal abuse for a minute.

Emotional battery is now considered to be part of Domestic Violence, and even if there was no physical altercation, somebody in an intimate relationship can still file charges of Domestic Abuse on someone who verbally and emotionally assaults and humiliates someone in a relationship.

Remember that video?  Of course you do…it’s still all over the news, STILL on the “front page.”  Remember what happened in that video?  Johnny swore and kicked some cabinet doors shut, slammed some more cabinet doors, threw some glass.  What did he say to Amber Heard?

Here are the exact quotes, sans Amber’s responses and initial question and statement.


“Were you in here?”

“Did something happen to you?”

“Did something happen to YOU, this morning?  I don’t think so.”

“You wanna see crazy, I’ll show you fucking crazy.  Here’s me.  All your crazies.”

“Oh, you got this going?  Is this thing going?”

“Oh really? REALLY?”

Let’s analyze everything from the third-to-the last line down where Johnny promises to show Amber “fucking crazy.”  What does that mean?  Is it a threat?  Maybe some of you might say that, but what does he do?  He pours some wine.  If he were going to hit her, he’d have struck her right away and said “THAT’s fucking crazy.”  Wouldn’t he?  Oh sure, you can also argue that he’s an alcoholic and he just HAD to have his wine to “gear himself up” for what obviously “was” going to be a physical attack on Heard.  Sure.  Everything is implied.  What happened, though?

Johnny realized he was being videotaped.

The problem with that video is that it’s TOO EASY to interpret it as a physical altercation in which he DID attack  Heard, maybe even rendered her unconscious.  But no, there still is no visual evidence of ANY of that.  We hear something crash, and it could have been anything.  A phone thrown against the wall or Amber hitting the floor.  Sure, say some diehard Ambelievers, it COULD be that he struck her.  COULD be.  That doesn’t mean that he DID.

Also, let’s not forget one little thing. Johnny’s lawyers claimed the video was “heavily edited.”

Oh, bullshit, some of you might say.  Ah, but then what happens?  Amber denied leaking the video, only to leak out a horrible picture of Johnny having harmed HIMSELF–not Amber, but himself–and a mirror with a painted on message that says, “Starring Billy Bob–Easy Amber.”

I don’t know about you but I did not see any blood on those painted words. And hey…where were the, you know, BLOOD spatters all over the mirror and floor?

That finger would have been gushing, gushing and gushing some more if it had happened that way. Don’t tell ME that message would even be legible, with all the blood spattered everywhere.  Where was the blood, hey?  Oh what, did Amber clean it up before taking that photo of the mirror as “evidence?”


Here’s a question!  How do we know  Johnny Depp accused Amber of sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton in the first place?  Oh, and wait, there are two contradicting stories here too.  One story has Amber THERE with  Johnny while he had his jealous  meltdown in a hotel room in Australia.  The other story?  Amber is on the PHONE with Johnny, as she was reportedly in London filming “The Danish Girl.”   Johnny, while accusing Amber of her horrible cheating crime, apparently smashed the plastic phone and severed off his fingertip THEN.

O-kay!  So, who took the picture of the message on the mirror…AND the cut finger that was so horrible?

I still call bullshit.  Sorry!  I still call bullshit on ALL of it.

Amber is no gold digger.  That I will accept for now, despite her demands for instant spousal support which, when refused, ended up in her crying abuse.  However, remember this–neither  I nor many other Johnny supporters ever thought Heard was doing it all for money anyway.  No.  Bottom line?  Amber is a troubled person with serious anger issues and self-important grandiosity.  Because she didn’t get what she wanted from that marriage, and whatever their many fights were about that she held grudges for?  She went after Johnny Depp with a malicious intent to SMEAR him to the public entirely.  Smear him and make EVERYONE hate him. Just like Doug Stanhope said she was doing, based on his recount of the conversation with Johnny.  As reiterated in The Wrap’s article with Stanhope’s account of the situation? Johnny apparently confided in  Doug that Amber had threatened to lie about him if he didn’t agree to  her terms in the divorce she was going to file for.  Well. Did those terms all mean money?  No, apparently not. As I’ve stated before, however, I still suspect that Amber wanted  Johnny to keep quiet about whatever physical abuse SHE did to him.

Or…maybe she was just doing it to torture him.  Emotional battery, anyone?  Maybe JOHNNY should have filed abuse charges.  However, who really knows if he did or didn’t?

He certainly never said a word, and neither did his lawyers, probably at his behest. Trauma affects everyone in distinctive ways. If he DID file abuse charges without putting in a police report, but did it PRIVATELY rather than publicly like Amber did?  I’m quite positive that Johnny dropped said charges when Amber dropped hers.  Fair enough, right?  Assuming, of course, that Amber would simply go back to  Justice League and shut up about the divorce from now on.

Ah, but this is Amber here.  We all know that without Johnny, she wouldn’t even be a household name. She HAD to garner more fame for herself, starting right at the top with the first article about her “abuse” by  Johnny.  She did it to hurt Johnny–hurt him badly, because she “could.”  She also didn’t want to be some “forgotten nobody,” after publicly divorcing the man who virtually made her famous.

Let’s remember also, that she really couldn’t help herself.  She’s insane.

It’s as simple as that.  Amber is certifiably insane.  Mentally ill.  THAT is what I always felt was the underlying reason for accusing  Johnny.

Going back to my original point of verbal abuse?  That video shows Johnny angry and talking about being crazy.  Obviously, Amber has called him crazy before.  And, who knows whatever other verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse often takes two to tango with, people.

So no.  I still don’t believe Johnny physically assaulted Amber.  And there is no real evidence of emotional battery either.  If we’d heard Johnny calling Amber a slew of names like “bitch,” and worse, bisexual or lesbian slurs?  As well as cursing her out with the typical “Fuck you!  Fuck off and die!” or some such thing?  Then, okay, I could accept that Johnny emotionally and verbally abused Heard, and that was grounds for a Domestic Violence allegation.  A restraining order?  Maybe not so much, unless Johnny did physical things like refuse to leave a premise, while standing there insulting Amber, forcing Heard to call the security people, or police, to have Johnny removed.

NONE of that was ever proven.  It’s frustrating as hell that this didn’t go to trial, although I was very sympathetic to  Johnny when he finally decided to settle. After that horrible video and finger footage?  Not to mention a colleague of his being put in the middle of something Johnny “supposedly” accused him of doing?  Billy Bob Thornton had to comfort his poor wife but he did it by saying it was “Johnny’s fantasy.”  How did he really know that Johnny had accused Amber of having anything to DO with him?

How do we know the fight, which ended in  Johnny’s hand injury whether it was a cut-off fingertip or not, wasn’t about something completely different??  Say, maybe Johnny wasn’t happy with an argument between Amber and one of his family members–his mother, his kids, whoever?

We’ll never know, I suppose, unless Johnny decides to talk about it.  That is up to him.  But this whole thing with Amber being “vindicated” in publilc opinion once more MERELY because the world now knows that MONEY wasn’t her motive–is sickening and disheartening.

Nothing was proven.  At all. Even despite the LAPD and what people actually SAW, verses what iO Tillet Wright and Racquel Paddington HEARD..

This world has a long way to go towards real, as Amber puts it, “positive change”


Poor Johnny!  If Anyone Should Do a Facepalm, it is Him.

Time to go to  my Anger Room and smash some horrible porcelain.  Then, maybe a good cry.  I’m sure Johnny’s shed many tears by now.

May he be getting lots of shoulders, handkerchiefs and comforting words. And plenty of Amber’s leftover “gifts” to smash up in his own Anger Room!   That, complete with a ritual burning of every single picture of her, ending with a ritual cleaning of the entire house?  Should do the trick, until the next time Johnny needs to vent.

I am sure he’s doing a lot of painting and writing as well.  Probably writing a lot of epic music also, eiher with Hollywood Vampires, his son Jack for his own band “Clownboner,” or just by himself.

At any rate?  Love and Blessings to Johnny Depp.  I will always support him.  Always. Because he told the  Truth, even while not saying a word.

For that, and much more, I will always love him.


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