Dear Harry Potter “Feminists”–GET OVER IT!




Hey!  You!  Get Off Of My Cloud.


Okay.  So Johnny Depp was cast, not that his representatives or Warner Brothers confirmed this, from last I read, in a prequel to the Harry Potter story.  “Fantastic Beasts and Where to  Find Them,” is J.K. Rowling’s latest book/movie saga that pre-dates Harry’s adventures with Voldemort.  This prequel saga seems to focus on Newt Scamander( played by  Eddie Redmayne)  who finds himself in a bit of trouble with the  Dark Arts.  There is also a lot of focus on Albus(Professor)Dumbledore as a younger man, and his relationship with best friend/love interest-turned rival, Gellert Grindelwald.  So…the latest is that Johnny Depp will be playing Grindelwald.  He can do so many wonderful things with characters, so it makes perfect sense, right, to cast him in such a magical story?  One would think so. Harry Potter never left many of our hearts, and neither did Albus Dumbledore.  I, for one, hope Johnny will be  a part of the series…whatever role he actually is doing.



I’m Covered In Cockroaches And They Still Love Me!…that is, the roaches love me…


Ah, but nobody wants to let Amber Heard go, do they?  At least not those feminists who follow the “code.”(“The Code is Law!” belches Keith Richards as Captain Sparrow’s father in Pirates 2: Dead Man’s Chest. 😉 )  What is the feminist code regarding Domestic Violence? “Thou Shalt Not Question a Woman Who Claims her Husband Beat Her.”  Far be it for any of YOU to allow Johnny Depp to shed that horrible slur on his name.  Never mind what we all know to be true, which I’ve done enough screaming about to go into now.  You want to ignore the LAPD,  Vanessa Paradis and Jerry Judge, fine, just go ahead.  You don’t want to hear about what people SAW, just keep on telling yourself that Amber was beaten by  Johnny.  Good luck with that, all of you.  But let’s get clear on one thing.



Amber Heard dropped the charges.  Okay?  She dropped them with PREJUDICE.  Okay?  Why would she do that?  Why?  Why didn’t she fight, when Johnny was willing to settle?  The only thing Johnny refused to do was sign an agreement saying he did physically abuse her. Why did he refuse to sign that thing?   Oh yeah, he didn’t DO it!!!

You people are witch-hunters.  This is not about Amber Heard.  You all just want an excuse to trash Johnny Depp. Why?  Because he’s not the “novelty” you always wanted anymore?  His looks changed as he got older?  Awwww poor little baby girls!  Grow up!  You never shouted and screamed “let’s boycott Johnny!” when he had that row with Kate Moss in the famous New York hotel, did you??  He trashed and smashed a hotel room right in front of her.  He got thrown in jail for it.  Remember that?  You never freaked out about THAT, did you?

Then again, Kate Moss never walked through a field of paparazzi with a bruise on her face, claiming Johnny Depp put it there.  We never heard a peep from Kate, and she probably showed up the next day, perfectly fine.  Living proof that no matter how angry Johnny gets, no matter how many pieces of furniture, wine bottles, glasses whatever, that he may throw around and break?  He never hit a woman.  Sorry, folks, he never hit a woman. Johnny’s always had a violent temper but he takes it out on things that don’t have a conscience.  He never hit a woman. Vanessa Paradis said he never hit her.  He never hit a woman. Vanessa is also a mother of two, Johnny’s kids Lily Rose and Jack.  Johnny never hit a woman.  Lily and  Jack would probably know if Johnny battered Amber.  Johnny never battered Amber.  Vanessa would have had custody of those two teenagers quicker than you could say, “SPOON!”  Johnny.  Depp. Never.  Hit.  A Woman.

Clear yet?  Would Vanessa stand up for Johnny Depp if he’d hit Amber?  With KIDS to look out for?  Excuse me?  Vanessa was apparently  “dumped” for Amber Heard.  Why, just WHY, would she not put her KIDS above Johnny’s welfare, rather than call the claims OUTRAGEOUS??


Read it carefully, and write that word a hundred times on the blackboard.  OUTRAGEOUS.  From Vanessa, a MOM.  If Amber were worth the salt you morons think she is, Vanessa, as a woman, would NOT merely defend  Johnny over a grudge against Amber. No.  She wouldn’t defend Johnny Depp if he were capable of that.  No way.  Come on, folks, do you think Vanessa is STUPID?



You Calling Me A Liar???


And you feminists are crying and whining because “Fantastic Beasts,” like “Pirates” and the “Alice” movies, is geared for children. OHHHH NOOOOO!  We can’t take our kids to THAT!  That is supporting DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

Shut up and get your heads out of Amber’s pie, you sycophants.  Amber Heard probably wants to be left the hell alone, after being publicly humiliated by those who knew the TRUTH after she stuck her stupid foot in her mouth and got caught lying. Save your gripes for people with REAL abuse history.  Maybe don’t buy your kids copies of the Pochahontas movie anymore, better yet, stand up and demand that movie be dubbed over with someone ELSE playing John Smith OTHER than Mel Gibson!  THAT would be a novel idea.  Look, the man is a bigot, even if he didn’t hit his wife.  He hates Jews and all kinds of others different than him…why should HE represent a movie aimed at bringing awareness to Native American enslavement?  Pochahontas is still popular, a classic, just like Cinderella and other Disney animated movies.  WHY don’t you feminists do some REAL progressive change and boycott MEL GIBSON’S voice as John Smith, hey?


You LIKE Me!  You  Ladies REALLY LIKE Me!


That, to me, would be positive change. I would really like to see that movie re-dubbed.  With JOHNNY DEPP as John Smith!  Hell, at least Johnny can SING!




Move along, li’l Ambeliever doggies.  Your fifteen minutes of fame are up.    You’re smelling up the Leaky Cauldron.  You also put Voldemort to shame with your evil.





Thanks, Alan. 🙂



Author: katedruana

I am a philosopher, energy reader, energy healer, musician, writer(fiction and nonfiction), singer, performer, actress, screenwriter,

4 thoughts on “Dear Harry Potter “Feminists”–GET OVER IT!”

  1. Yes! Very well said! Haters: Get over yourselves and go bark up another tree! You people that put down Johnny are jealous & clueless – get a life – move on! Johnny: They can take away your glitter, but they can never steal your sparkle!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not to mention the hypocrisy. I read a lot of of idiotic comments on Twitter saying “I don’t want an abuser ruining the Wizarding World” Umm…Gary Oldman kiddies. His ex wife accused him of the EXACT SAME THING. Look up how similar it all is. (Phone as a weapon, bruises that seem to disappear and reappear, drugs, alcohol cheating) He was never found guilty either but hey if they “believe all women” then they must believe her?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right. I had forgotten the accusations against Gary Oldman. I believe now that people in Hollywood, the press, whatnot, had had Johnny Depp on a pedestal as this “family man,” who had these great kids with Vanessa Paradis and was settled down at last. Jack Sparrow made him such a household name…he became an international superstar even more so than when he was a “bad boy” in the 90’s. :p Then when he hooked up with Amber, his “crown” was tainted. Gary Oldman never had the “star” label as much as Johnny did, at least not in the USA as far as I know. It could be different in England and elsewhere…I’m not sure.
      What makes Johnny so special as we know, is his soul. This makes him even more magnetic than most in Hollywood. But you’re right, Gary Oldman and Johnny are both human, no matter what people tried to make of the latter. It’s ridiculous that people have created such an “emperor” out of Johnny, only to turn him into a scapegoat when he showed his humanity. Amber may have set out to destroy him but it’s only a matter of time before SHE loses her credibility. After all, how long can she spew the same stuff and never evolve?

      Oh, and didn’t Oldman say some anti-semetic remarks one time as well? At least Johnny never did THAT. Lol. Crazy. :p


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