Dear Johnny Depp–Keep Being You

Several people are writing open letters online criticizing Johnny Depp and begging him to change his ways.  Why?  I think the word of the day, hell, word of the YEAR…is Gossip.

  We “Heard” enough about you-know-who.  Then, just when things were looking up, and Johnny won the People’s Choice award(Joe Perry said “The people have spoken,”),  boom, here come the Mandel brothers Joel and Rob.  These guys are the head honchos of the Management Group(TMG), who acted as Johnny’s financial managers since 1999.  You remember, of course, that Johnny was suing them for mismanaging his money.  Well, not even a week after the People’s Choice awards, TMG counter-sued Johnny, calling his lawsuit “absurd.”  That would have been fine, we expect those we sue to come back with a rebuttal.  If TMG had stopped there, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.  But no…they went and DISGRACED not only themselves, but Johnny, at least in public opinion.  They put out a public release of Johnny’s personal financial information.  What he spends on houses, taxes, hell even wine.  They even went as low as to reveal that Johnny spent three million dollars to shoot Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon.

How does  TMG, let alone their incredibly audacious lawyer, know that we, the public, wanted to know that information?  Certainly they didn’t think Johnny Depp wanted us to know, did they?  I doubt it.  Well…you all know the story by now ,you’ve seen the snide reports in response to that. (30k on wine??? Holy crap! and other such slurs.)  My take on this?  Sure, 30k is a lot of fucking money for wine.  Yet, even the most profound alcoholic would have dropped dead years ago if he or she had consumed all that.  I don’t care WHERE the wine comes from.  Johnny Depp would not be walking around today if he literally purchased all that money’s worth of wine…for his own consumption.

He’s got a family, he had a wedding two years ago, and he’s had functions and music sessions at his house. Not everyone who goes to Johnny’s house to play music are the sober Hollywood Vampires, after all.  He’s  Johnny  Depp, he’s been around Hollywood for years, and he’s got friends in the business that like to drink as much as he does.  He spends time with his family and other friends, who also probably enjoy a nice glass of wine.  His houses are huge.  He probably held parties with thousands of people at his house(s).  I mean, seriously, how stupid can people be?

Okay, enough of this. Here is MY open letter to Johnny Depp!

Dear Johnny,

I wanted to write you and tell you a heartfelt thanks–for being so strong in the face of so much adversity.  You are a delight onstage with your guitar, and a treasure to see in the movies. You may not know this but you saved my life, in a matter of speaking, by one simple sentence you uttered in an interview somewhere.  This phrase was listed as one of your legendary quotes and placed on a meme with one of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen of you.

“I think everybody’s weird.  We need to celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.”

Those last few words,  “not be embarrassed or ashamed,” are the words I needed to hear. I spent most of my life in shame and embarrassment.  Why?  Because  I was and am different, and always will be.  I am not a typical 9-5 businesswoman.  I am an artist and creator, and many have labeled me  “eccentric,” or a “rebel.”  Like you, I went through life marching to the beat of my own drum.  When they loved me, they really demonstrated that love.  A lot of them, I am sure, really felt it, too. However, whenever  I would fall on my face for whatever reason, in whatever situation?  Didn’t matter if it was personal or professional.  I was embraced by a few, yes, who expressed love and compassion, but hated by others.  It never failed.  When you’re on the “ball,” you are the IT person of the century. When you fall down?  They kick you right where you’re lying in the gutter.

Johnny, I have watched them kick you one time too many.  And yet,  I know it isn’t going to end anytime soon. So…like you are doing, I am putting on my “grown-up pants,” and not giving in to empathetic rage and bitterness. I went through enough of that with your tempestuous divorce.  Besides, you need me to have faith that all will work out. I certainly have faith in you, Johnny.  But we all need to have faith in the human race…that, like the people who spoke, recognize greatness and true old-soul wisdom that never grows stale.

For this reason, I am reaching out with my arms, and gathering you into a huge spiritual hug.  Johnny  Depp, you are a rock to me, but please know I am always here for you. I wish we knew each other. I wish  I could check in on you. It’s not easy being strong all the time.  You want to take care of your children and family, and present the bravest face possible. But you’re only human, after all.

I hope you have some people you can talk to, Johnny.  Friends or family you can express yourself to. Whether you need to cry, smash things or just talk…I hope you have these people at hand when you need them. Even if they’re miles away and you text, email or just talk on the phone with them. And, yes, even if your hectic schedule wouldn’t allow you to just charter a plane to Philadelphia and have coffee with me.any time you wanted?  I know you know I’m here.  You said as much in your acceptance speech for  People’s Choice. You do read what your supporters write about you. You know our love, and how strong it is.  Like you felt the need to thank all of us, however–this is my turn to thank YOU.

Always remember that I love you, Johnny Depp. We love you.  Just keep being you!  And don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks.

All my love,




Author: katedruana

I am a philosopher, energy reader, energy healer, musician, writer(fiction and nonfiction), singer, performer, actress, screenwriter,

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